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Alpha Supply Co.
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T Shirt Imprinting Business Explained

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Transfer Business Learning Center

Welcome to the heat Transfer Business Supplies and Learning center where we explain the "in's" and "out's" of the T-shirt imprinting and decorating industry in plain english. Founded in 1999, Alpha Supply Co. was one of the first to offer an honest, friendly voice to help walk you through all the information you need to accomplish your goals in the imprinting industry. And through the years we have never changed that way of doing business. We don't want to sell you a low grade heat press, transfer paper, t-shirt film or cutter machine as many companies do with pushy sales people and ads telling you what "they" want you to buy. We believe that providing you with solid facts from years of experience in the business is still the best way support you. And in turn, we both succeed!

Visit the Learning center from the links above to learn about the equipment and supplies you need to do the job right.