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T Shirt Imprinting Business Explained

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MagicFlow! CIS Systems

for Select Epson printers

TransMagic!™ Inks are only sold in bottles to reduce the cost of printing. if we sold single cartridges filled with our ink you would save very little because you would still be throwing empty ink cartridges away.

Because of this, you have to have a way to get the ink into the printer; thats what a Continuous Ink System is for.

A Continuous Ink System is like having a set of t-shirt printing ink cartridges, with a low cost, permanent transfusion of ink attached.

Developing the MagicFlow! CIS™ was almost as aggravating as the story we shared on the previous page about developing our inks! To make a long story short, we have several large junk boxes, filled with the remains of CIS delivery systems from all over the world, that didn’t meet our standards.

When we finally got a manufacturer that did it the right way, we finally had our MagicFlow! CIS™ ink delivery unit we were proud to back up with a one year warranty.

Why Use A CIS?

Using a CIS system gets your cost per print close to .19¢ per 8"x11". A full set of inks can produce over 800 prints!

Compare that to the cost of using a set of cartridges that can cost $40 per set and only give you around 30 prints of the same size. That is a huge savings over time and you can concentrate on other things to spend your money on.